Can a reading predict the Future?

What kind of questions should I ask?

Every Reading is as individual as the two people who come together.

Readings are dynamic, as the two souls making contact via their Higher Selves to bring light and illumination to deep questions regarding paths taken and future directions.

There are many questions to ask. Each session has a theme, an outline, a deeper premise. Choose which area you most need help with at this time.

How does a distance healing work?

Can I order a healing for another person?

What do I need to do to enhance the effectiveness of the healing?

Remote healing works because there is in fact no space/no time, in the ‘all that is’, there is no distance between us. To enhance the healing, there is contact prior to the ‘Blessing’ where we can work out together the most effective blessing for your needs. You cannot order a healing for another person, explicit permission needs to occur before the Blessing. You can ask for a healing for a situation or an animal, a pet.

Why Bali ?

Why do so many people visit Bali?

Bali is known as the Island of the God's.

Balinese practice spirituality in their everyday lives. Spiritual healing can be done anywhere on earth, our own preference is Bali because the Balinese ceremonial traditions are beautiful, aromatic and mystical.

Bali is popular for spiritual seekers, yoga practitioners and those seeking refuge from modern stresses.


Reading the Tarot interactively for Transformation and Healing.
Rose is a Psychic Healer and will be tuning in with you in finding patterns which can be healed,
where transformation through Psychic Energetic Healing can be applied in session.
Then remotely through her blessing sessions.