Project Description

What is it that stops you from experiencing more love, grace, compassion, understanding and kindness? 

What is it that comes in the way of our best intentions?
You may have asked yourself, what stops me? What is in my way?

Make the World a Better Place

Working to find your true self in session, we work on connecting you with the part of you which in alignment brings you the gifts of harmony and ease. Love, inner knowing, it’s like your life is guided in ways that appear magical, where synchronicity meets you at every corner, where your wishes seem to magnetically be pulled towards you. And you to them.

What you are seeking is also seeking you, in equal measure. If you are feeling out of sorts, out of alignment or dissatisfied, then this work can help you find your true north, the centre of divine intelligence within you. Your true self.

If there was a handbook available from birth, and under ideal circumstances, you would always know how unique and precious you are. Everyone in your world would mirror that back to you, and you would have given your loved one’s the same kind of unconditional love.

But we are here in this world, in crisis, with chaos and strife, and we attract much that we do not want. One of the reasons for visiting a Psychic is to see into parts of yourself that are somehow invisible to you.

You are, even how you feel right now, just perfect, you are enough, you don’t have to add anything. There is nothing to prove. Learning with a spirit of curiosity and joy is always great, but there are no life lessons for you to continue to labour under. Suffering is optional. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise. Guidance is all around you, every day.

In our session, we will spend 2 hours, and deep dive into your highest and wisest self. Drawing out, the meaning behind ‘educare’, with guidance and unconditional love from Rose, you will find yourself walking away with many ‘gifts’ activated within your neural pathways, your spiritual field and in your emotional grounded-ness.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by chaos and strife in your life?

  • Lost touch with your inner guidance?

  • Attracting lots of situations you don’t want?

  • Want to experience some unconditional love and acceptance?

  • Want to have your desires magnetically attracted to you?

  • Want to increase synchronicity and ease in your life?