Project Description

Why do you feel disconnected from your Spirit? 

A sense of connection with ‘all that is’ and a sense of awe and wonder, for the precious gift of your life.
A deep and abiding compassion for yourself & everyone you meet. This is Right Spirit.
You might be feeling emotionally down, decreased appetite, fatigued. Or overeating!
Feeling an emptiness, a disconnect. A lack of vitality

Set yourself Free

The dark night of the soul is a difficult space to occupy. Once you start on your spiritual path, you really cannot step off.  There are so many instructions on how to ‘walk the spiritual path’, but when it gets down to it, there is actually a vibrational path which you are either in touch with or not.

Many great mystics have written incredibly complex guides to the ‘Spirit’. As have the religious texts. If you are feeling a sense of unease and dissatisfaction. Or you can’t stick with any ‘spiritual practice’, this session might be for you.

We gently take you back to where you can experience compassion for yourself. It’s the first step, as we are all too often self punishing from misplaced guilt, shame or fear.  In this session we work on recapturing your sense of purpose and joy in your life. This gorgeous experience can help when you are at a crossroads in your life. When you have had a breakup, job loss or a change which you did not want. At these times it can be helpful to walk into your Spirit, guided in a safe and nurturing environment.

During crisis we can become fractured from our true nature which if not resolved can lead to difficulties with our relationships, our work and even health.

If you feel like your life is falling apart, the Right Spirit Session can save you, mind , body and spirit. You will be encouraged to align with your life purpose and walk confidently forward on your spiritual path.

Set yourself free. The struggle to hear your own inner guidance and the development of a truly meaningful life can be blocked by resistance and old energy. When you develop your spiritual self through compassion & joy, you can move towards your highest expression of your unique gifts in this world.

  • Want to define a new direction in your life?

  • Need a guide to walk you into your Spiritual Connection?

  • Want to start rebuilding the pieces of your life?

  • Want to feel more vitality?

  • Need spiritual healing?

  • Want to get on track with your life’s unique Purpose?

  • Are you being too hard on yourself?