Project Description

You have within you a precious jewel,
accessed through your unconscious mind,
where you can bring forth your authentic destiny and unique self expression!

Ask yourself, are you feeling anxiety instead of a giddy lust for life?
Is each day kind of a grind, a groundhog day of unsatisfied unknown longings?
Do you have low grade depression or feel like some weight is on you?

Spread Love & Kindness / Open to Love Session

You are in fact your true self, and this essence is experienced through your mind primarily. The right mind session, helps you to re-orient your thinking towards the gifts of self love, self appreciation in order to be able to access unconditional love and kindness towards all the other players in your world.

This God Essence, or true self, is much like your child self, before you started building walls between you and ‘out there’, before you built up a library of hurts and disappointments. This fresh, Buddha mind, happy and wise is cultivated through your right mind.

Even if you have meditated, or regularly use prayer or attend 12 Step Programs, counselling or other enrichment programs. Without opening up to the innate wisdom inside yourself and exploring what is right for you it can be difficult to access Right Mind, because your habitual mental habits bring the same kind of day, over and over again. In spite of your best intentions. Why is that?

There is no right or wrong here. No judgements, only an unfolding of your Authentic Destiny, unblocked by all the crisis and strife you have experienced.

You may have given your attention to gratitude and written affirmations, but very often if you check inside there is actually no feeling or what can be called a complete disconnect from a deep and abiding sense of the gift of your life. Right? Even appreciation of our nearest and dearest, can seem conceptual. That is until tragedy strikes. Don’t wait for that to happen.

The right mind session, brings back that connection to your life, and the important relationships you have or want to have with those nearest and dearest. It brings back a playful sense of yourself to marvel each morning at what the day ahead will be like.
If you want to jump out of your daily numbed existence and low grade anxiety or depression this is the session for you.

Right Mind strategies and an overhaul of several important stories of your life will be undertaken during the session. You will be amazed at the treasure revealed there. We will edit these and give you some home-play to take with you, which will continue to help you create loving kindness for yourself, for each day and for all the people you come in contact with.

Through unconditional acceptance and love, your session with Rose will help you heal through the most powerful channel available to us. Your beautiful mind.

  • Feeling a low grade depression or constant anxiety?

  • Want to get in touch with your Buddha Mind?

  • Do you want to wake up each morning feeling giddy with eagerness & curiosity?

  • Want to connect powerfully with the important people in your life?

  • Do you feel unworthy, lacking in self appreciation?

  • Want to discover the hidden treasure inside yourself?