Project Description

Do you have patterns with your money,
which keep repeating?

Do you sense a lack of clarity with your money?
Sometimes too extravagant , buy too much stuff you don’t need?
Stuck at a plateau level of income like there’s an invisible barrier between you and ‘more’?
Do you have trouble actually enjoying your money?

Right Finance Session awakens within you a bold determination to succeed, and make right your relationship with your Money!

The right finance session is available to help you release blocks to your prosperity and sanity around money. Often we need to develop first some clarity around how you deal with cash flow before we even start on the prosperity side of the power of this session to create greater abundance.

You will know yourself what it is like to be stuck in some kind of self fulfilling prophecy, on the hamster wheel receiving the same results, over and over again. Whether it is your own habits creating hardship or difficulties, disharmony between partners or parents and children around money. Or many of the other ways we sabotage our true life’s purpose by not quite ‘getting’ finance and cash flow.

Although this is displayed as one session, in fact this is one of the steps that can take quite a few sessions to clear and make way for your core self to start the transformation towards more ease and more money flow! But when it happens, it happens with a speed which will surprises most of us. Because the stagnant energy around money has built up over a lifetime, even when you were just a child your belief systems around this taboo subject were already beginning to harden around lack, or stress of even the forbidden nature of money.

This is the only session where you must first complete another session before being able to see me directly about this subject. You must have completed The Right Mind Session first, and then have approximately a 3 day break before we can start with this important area of your life.

This one also takes work! You will be asked to do home-play, which is best done while you are still away from your usual environment, then as you go home, often after a flight, you will once again be guided to begin a 30 day healing in order to bring what you have learned and the energies with you back to where you live.

So this is an advanced session, if you have time and you know that you have a lot of work to do on this subject, please consider booking 3 sessions during your time in Paradise. So that we can work together to truly bring you into vibration with your higher good.

For those who cannot come to Paradise, please join the Membership, it’s only 10 dollars a month, so it  truly is affordable for EVERYONE! No excuses. There over the months you will be encouraged to start to work on this area via our home study meditations, energy exercises and through the wisdom you will be reminded of, day by day.

For those already on a spiritual path, you will know why they call it a spiritual ‘Practice’, right? Although right healing, comes in a moment, our own habits of mind, the environment and people we are surrounded by, and the effort of living in this world filled with crisis and strife, can make it difficult to stay in our intuitive right mind and continue to listen to the whispers of our core self.

So yes, healing can happen instantly! Frequently it does, however unblocking a lifetime of beliefs and spiritual ideology might take some focus from you.

Rose provides that focus in session, and also through her blessings, but you must still walk in your world and operate right where you are, even as you read this. You can bring your mind to the location of your wallet, your bank account/s , the amount of your monthly expenditures, and before you know it…BOOM, blocked feelings, stress and anguish can often be some of our experiences. This has got to end, right now!

There are several programs I highly recommend, each of these products are the very best available in the world right now! I have personally used them, and often still do. Something you could know about me is, that I am ‘Peter Repeater’, once I have found the beauty and light in a program, a philosophy or an audio program, I keep using it, like forever. A lot of people get inspired, pay heaps for a seminar and get that sugar hit high of motivation, which deflates the moment you are back in your own world. To bridge that for myself, I keep reading the same texts, well worn physical books! As well as the electronic copies now on my phone. Audio programs, again and again. Because the amount of beauty and light they bring, vibrationally does not change just because I have already used them once.

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU again. You can change, young or old, basic good financial habits are learned, not taught at school and very often not at home either. So be prepared to talk about money, make a commitment to your new Vision and start a fresh new relationship with Money. I used the world finance, because in order to achieve wealth and security some form of Finance is almost always necessary. As grown adults, we must take full responsibility for our use of or lack of knowledge of all that it takes in order to be financially solvent, and maybe even prosperous.

With Love, Rose

You and your abundance, the critical factor is removing blockages to your vision & commitment, on multiple levels of your being. Right Finance Session awakens within you a bold determination to succeed, and make right your relationship with your Money!

  • Are you clear with your financial plan & making great progress towards financial freedom?

  • Is your debt just increasing, while you seem to have issues just getting by month, by month?

  • Are there patterns of lack, or inconsistency in how you handle money?

  • Are unable to enjoy money? Too money conscious?

  • Do you have a strange sense of vagueness around your spending?

  • Is your business or income from your job, stuck, not increasing?

  • Do you need more abundance generally?