Project Description

Do you have health concerns that seem to go from one thing to another?

Does your life feel in balance; do you eat well and exercise in keeping with your goals?
Are you suffering?
Have you already tried absolutely everything else?

Let go of all that holds you back

Psychic healingĀ  your amazing body is one of the most powerful tools which you can use to transform your relationship with your vitality, live longer, change how you treat the temple where your whole self lives!

Ah, when we are suffering from ill-health it can be difficult to find inner peace and follow the advice of those who meaning well ask us to go to a place of inner health and wellbeing. In fact ignoring medical advice is not where we come from here. You are fully responsible for that which is going on with your health.

This session can help you re-orient your perception, and ultimately ‘perception is projection’, at the very least, you want to ask the parts of yourself responsible for health and healing to hurry up, and gently re-train the parts which are responsible for prolonging disease and a lack of thriving, in order that you may FEEL BETTER. Sooner.

Often the first step is … Self Love, and the letting go of A LOT OF STUFF. Your body faithfully stores, on a cellular level, memories and grievances. Traumas and disappointments. Faithfully storing all of this. If it has come to the surface, a loving negotiation and release needs to occur in order to allow the power of your own intrinsic survival force to create the ‘miracle’ of health again.

This is a powerful session. You won’t feel immediately better, this is a session which comes with a warning. You might feel temporarily better, then worse, the healing journey, when physical includes a spectrum of feelings, and stages. One session will help a great deal. There is a lot you will learn, faithfully applying the exercises discussed will help to continue the healing.

Two sessions or more might be a realistic goal, depending on how much time you have here in Paradise. Your body holds the past for you. To start living in today’s body, there is a process of letting go of the past. Releasing what is no longer necessary for you to carry around in your most amazing memory storage space, your body!

Heal your body by powerfully connecting your mind and spirit, because whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your body can achieve.

Work miracles in wellness through this powerful session or 3!

  • Do you want to learn how to initiate positive, personal change with your health and wellbeing?

  • Would you like to clear out major negative emotions which are stopping you from being totally well?

  • Do you need to reduce chronic or constant anxiety and start experiencing a more balanced mood?

  • Do you have parts of yourself, limiting beliefs which are stopping you from having the health you desire?

  • Guide your mind towards health and increase longevity by establishing better habits around eating, sleeping and other health promoting habits.

  • Create the spiritual & Psychological basis for health and healing through this powerful healing session.

  • Learn how to continue to communicate directly with your core inner mind in order to continue the work we have begun in session throughout your daily life.