So what is the definition of Spiritual Wellness?

The spiritual dimension is highly personal and involves how you perceive your connection to the ‘all that is’. Having compassion for yourself and all the people you meet on your life’s journey is a sign of spiritual wellness, as is a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty of nature.

Appreciating the expanse of our natural world and our ‘tiny blue dot’ in relationship with its place in the Universe can be a source of spiritual health. You do not need to have a religious background to be able to enjoy spiritual well being. Many atheists are moral, compassionate and deeply philosophical beings, full of the spirit of life!

My definition is…waking up in Bali!

Being in a place and an environment where you feel most ‘at home’ can be a gorgeous feeling. Having your beliefs and values integrated into your daily life, is one aspect which can create great harmony and be a relief from the occasional strife, which is part of the human condition.

For some taking a spiritual journey, months or years travelling and discovering dormant parts of yourself whilst on a ‘Pilgrimage’ can be the source of growing into an aligned Spiritually healthy and happy self. When we travel we see how certain complaints and gifts of our previous life that we took for granted are in fact marvellous and not guaranteed to all the inhabitants of this earth, at this time.

From childhood we have had natural abilities, talents and preferences. Whether these were nurtured and supported during your childhood or ‘domestication’ is another matter. These personal tendencies are an important and a rich, valuable source of finding ‘your spiritual path’. As when we are most creative or aligned or engaged with our dominant talents there is a lightness of being, which may have been hidden for many years.

One of my sources of great fulfilment and ‘getting in the zone’ is around my intellectual health. Being stimulated with study, inspired idea’s and knowledge is incredibly enjoyable for me. I read. I write. I create. I am prolific in business.  I also create Art, online & through painting which supplies me with the quiet, introspective time where my expression involves movement, colour, and creativity. Painting requires skill, and skills need practice.

Spiritual health involves practice, there is no way around that. No instant gratification, just add water and voila! Daily practice will help you find your own true purpose in the world, and create a greater meaning to your life.

Here’s the Spiritual Health Quiz, for you to find out how well you are doing.