MEMBERSHIP brings you monthly updates to the TREASURE CHEST.
A monthly study at home package for your Spiritual Journey to your Core Self.

Rose is a counselor and intuitive coach who has been assisting people in gaining an enhanced perspective on their lives and businesses for two decades.

Rose enthusiastically guides both clients & students in the use of spiritual healing tools and principles for deep personal transformation.

If you sometimes feel like you have nobody to turn to for answers then the Treasure Chest Membership might be an answer to your inner prayers.

If you have noticed that people in your circle are not moving in the same direction as you are, seeking greater inner knowledge and spiritual development. I recommend you join.

Maybe you have tried a bunch of different healing modalities, done courses, listened to webinars. But you have not had consistent support to help you heal and transform.

Then please join, Paradise Psychic Membership offers you access to support through unconditional love and of course, great technology! You will be able to join discussions online and experience a way of sharing which will blow your mind.

Sometimes in a moment of crisis, you really need help and FAST! If you feel you really need a safe place where you can turn to for support. Paradise Psychic Membership is for you.

This is a beautiful place for you. Seeker, wise woman and spiritual being. You are welcome here.

Here’s what you can expect in the Membership Area;

-Sensitivity to the needs and concerns of members.
-A commitment to bringing you a rich program of healing steps which are practical and can transform your life.
-Clarity & Direction for you throughout times of transition.
-A safe & non judgemental space for Women to share a healing journey which is led with high ethical standards and confidentiality.
-You will receive uplifting & motivating solutions which will allow you to breakthrough negative patterns of thought, and action which will help you towards living a more authentic life.

  • You will have access to our Monthly Celebration

  • You receive expert instruction on raising your vibration with practical exercises you can follow along with.

  • You will increase your Ki Energy, as well as add to your routine exercises which bring longevity & vitality.

  • Each month you can listen to a reading of one of the Major Arcana Cards. To help you dive deeper into aspects of your own experience through the Tarot.

  • You will receive a reading from our Astrologist, uplifting information which can help you further get in tune with your Goddess self.

  • You will receive a Guided Meditation on one of the 6 Core Sessions. Directing your inner mind, your core self towards greater awareness & joy.

  • Each month you will receive weekly reminder emails to keep you on track.


This membership allows you to spend quality time, month by month, seeking highest answers to questions about your future self and your authentic spiritual expression.


Make a commitment now to your own spiritual development.
This program is complimentary to any other spiritual practice.