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Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

All I require is a photo. This helps me connect with you when doing a distance healing, or the person you are gifting a healing to. I do welcome if you want to leave me a voice message, talking about your problem briefly. On subsequent sessions when we do in person sessions it is useful to update your healer in changes to your condition or concerns.

A Distance Healing session involves a brief chat about your reasons for desiring a change, your knowledge of Distance Healing, and what you can expect to experience during the session.

If the Distance Healing is for you. We will tune in together at an agreed time. It is good if you can clear your mind and create a ‘space’ for your healing. If you have a place for lighting incense or any other ritual space where you can commune with your sense of spirit and aliveness that would be quite cool.

You do not have to do any more than that. You don’t need to meditate or anything. You can if you choose to. I do all the work here. J

You may feel warmth, tingling, coolness or sensations of energy moving through your body. You may also see colours or visions, and some people even report hearing sounds like water, birds, voices etc. If you tune in with me you may become very relaxed, almost to the point of falling asleep. A lot of people mention that they feel a desire to rest, or you might find yourself yawning even though you weren’t tired.

After a session you may feel very “light”. I suggest that you have some tea or water after the distance healing and I am available to make sure that you feel grounded, and come “back down to earth.”

Sometimes you may have incredible bursts of energy following distance healing. If you have been experiencing any physical pain it can be reduced or even eliminated. Some report having deeper more relaxing sleeps after Distance Healing, and clients will simply feel less stressed and more able to cope with day to day events.

You have your own situation, which is unique. For some, one session is of distance healing is adequate.
For others it is advisable to have more than one. We can discuss this during our intake meeting.

Some people experience relief after the first treatment and others need to meet weekly.
The crisis you are seeking healing for is most often a combination of factors that have developed over quite some time. Relief through distant healing can be instant.

The world still spins at it’s own speed. Once the blockers are removed the universe can move very quickly into place for you. Changing circumstances which you have long practiced as your ‘reality’ can take some Sessions to change. These are healing sessions where we talk ‘therapy’ our way from where you are to where you want to be. Adding these sessions to your Distance Healing or choosing only therapy will work great for solving issues.

You will see in the Session Subject Outlines that we work through the most important pressing issue first.

True Self

In each Subject focused Session there are up to 5 units of study/transformation that we can work through.
Many clients choose to work on more than one area, consecutively, then take a break and come back for more sessions in order to completely turn your life around. It’s up to you.

My most Special Offer is joining the Membership Program.
If you cannot join me for a Distance Healing Session, the membership is an affordable and effective way to get yourself centered in your focus on self healing.
Becoming a part of a community of people from around the world who are sincerely moving towards their own transformation and healing can be invigorating and lead to a sense of great community and belonging. In fact it is encouraged.

Also if you pay for 3 Sessions of Distance Healing or Therapeutic Healing Sessions in advance I will gift you the 4th session 🙂 That’s pretty special.