How to have a spiritual awakening?
How do I have a spiritual awakening is one of the first questions I am most frequently asked about. It is a topic of voluminous books and millions of blog posts. So what can I possibly add to this important subject?

I can only offer my take on it. From my heart to your soul.
A spiritual awakening can start from a commitment to a pattern of thought and a desire to bring into reality, a dedication to bring greater awareness & compassion in your own home life, then to your local community, which affects the society where you live, and finally to Gaya, our one and only Earth! This little blue dot of ours.

It is not necessarily the god, god/s, or deities which you believe in or necessarily commune with. It is more than that. Because it assumes a commitment to a way of being and a journey, that you will likely not even finish during this stay here, your lifetime. This emergence into your grounded spiritual path is your life. It’s sacred. It asks difficult questions of you. It exhorts you to heal many aspects of your inner and outer life.

Many of the answers you seek to questions, are difficult to hear. Your ego will fight. Your Core Self however, given the opportunity will lead you to your awakening, your emergence into your personal power. A joyful personal discovery where you learn how to walk your talk.

Messages and guidance will be heard, seen, felt and experienced. It is important before seeking your spiritual awakening to be clear of your motives, your intentions and your current state.

Your spiritual awakening will be challenging. It requires ethics and is not for those who are only mildly interested in enlightenment. If you do not know if a spiritual awakening is what is right for you, there is only one way to know.

Stop for a moment, yes, now! Take a breath. Slow the breathing. Ask inside your heart or wherever you feel your ‘energy centre’ is, ask inside ‘ is this for me?’ Then wait for an answer. If it does not come immediately. Touch your heart with the palm of your hand, and gently say ‘please bring me an answer in the right time and place’. Then let go and trust. Your answer will come.

Your core self is always there. Has been recording your entire life for you and knows what is the best path and choice for your authentic life path. Without any outer divine revelation you can be in harmony with your true life’s destiny. Want to get connected?

So, the answer at last is, how do you have a spiritual awakening? Well you go through the Dark Night of the Soul! Plain and simple, the stress, difficulty , lack of health and happiness finally gets to be too much. And you explode. Somehow. A healing crisis comes into your life, then you have to STOP, and start looking at all the area’s of your life where you are tolerating less than. Less than enough meaningful activities. Less than enough Love. Less than perfect health & vitality. Less than enough Money. Less than your divinely intended intimate relationship, not enough yummy sex!
BOOM! You begin your Spiritual Awakening.