BLESSINGS. A blessing can help you unlock the fullness of life.
It can turn denial into acceptance, chaos to order and confusion to clarity.

What is a Blessing.
A Personal Blessing is when you ask for spiritual relief about a feeling, a situation or an issue which you are suffering from.

The blessing is done, via vibrational alignment between your healer, Rose, and yourself. This healing is done remotely ie. not in session face to face.

The Healing Blessing follows the intention behind ho’oponopono whereby when the blessing occurs, it heals not only yourself, but it also heals the world.

At this time Rose does blessings in Bali. Her spiritual home. Bali is rich with the tradition of blessings and ceremonies. Several times a year, she visits other sacred spaces, and offers healing blessing from these locations also.

You simply order online, state your intention for the blessing. There is a form to fill out. Then the blessing will be made for you.
This blessing involves a prayer, alignment with your Core Self & Higher energies through meditation, a ceremony and the use of incense and a Balinese flower offering.

The ceremony is done beneath a beautiful tree, Rose calls it her spirit tree, in a forest in the hills in Bali. The earth here has been cleared. The energy is bright, luminous, clear.

Rose has created a ‘wailing wall’ where many clients drop their issues, and receive tremendous release. If you would like to add your ‘issue’ there you can ask after you have finished ordering your blessing.

You will also be sent the 7 days Prayer & Blessings home-play course. Where you can participate in the prayer/blessing.

Blessings cannot be made for another person. Explicit permission is required to contact your GOOD & Higher Self. You can order a blessing for an animal, or a situation which you want to experience resolution to.

Blessings done within 7 days of ordering. The Balinese calendar has it’s own rhythm and we work with this schedule as best as we can.
You will receive a photo of your blessing, and if you want we will SMS you before starting. Due to differing time zones, remember you may be asleep. If there is some urgency, you can explain on your form.

Here’s what you receive;

-A blessing ceremony from Paradise Psychic.
-7 days Prayer & Blessings home-play course .
-Alignment through GOOD & your Higher Spirit to release what it is you need resolved.
-Rose invokes the resolution you want stating your intention & harmonizing this with your Core Self energetically.
-A gorgeous Balinese offering is used at the end of the ceremony, incense is lit and the intention is carried into the elements in ‘Paradise’.
-A photo of the ceremony is sent to you.

  • Inner Peace even in times of crisis

  • Stress relief

  • Enhanced confidence & a sense of wellbeing

  • Resolution of issues that have been ‘stuck’

  • Improvement in relationships with others

  • Improved Synchronicity

  • Attract Solutions to seemingly impossible situations

  • Business improvements & Breakthroughs

  • A conection to your Core Self activated

  • Balancing again with Nature, the Environment, Humanity & the Animals of this earth

Good, let this blessing purify and release all the blocks, energies and vibrations which are not wanted, into pure light, love and abundance!

Your life is a practice in transcending suffering as it shows up in your world.
One of the first things to notice is that you want to make the change from dissatisfied to joyful.
From stuck to ‘in the zone’ from disease to health.
If you need help with a blessing please order via the link below.