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With my heart full, open, loving and receiving, I welcome you to Paradise Psychic. A sanctuary built with you in mind. I believe you are here for a reason.

Most likely you know what that reason is, though sometimes it can feel like a simple discontent, a slight ache in your heart, or a feeling of despondency. No matter what brought you here, I want to say something. It’s important.

Connection is EVERYTHING!

There is love here for YOU. It is in the love that flows between us and all whom we come into contact with that nourishes us. If you are feeling empty or disconnected, then you are in the right place, and NOW is always the right TIME!

I understand very well ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ a time when you find yourself unable to hide, or to medicate away from or escape the deepest question of your own existence. Similar to when we were teens perhaps but with a renewed despair.

This time is one when we seek meaning and purpose or we finally realize that all of our frantic action is just not providing a sufficient amount of distraction to relieve the pressure of this rebounding question. Why am I here? What is the Point? Is my life as meaningless as it Feels?

Some of us have gone searching for relief in religion, spirituality, philosophy and of course professional therapist also find us turning up in droves looking for the answers and some respite from these dark thoughts.

This is not the same as depression, you can read more about the issues surrounding depression you can read more here.

Back to the issue, once again, Connection is Everything. This is the source of the deepest and most profound wisdom that beats in your heart, your deepest truth and the place for your salvation. It’s already inside YOU. Even as you question it.

Because the troubling issue is that The Dark Night of the Soul is very much of a Solitary Journey. It’s not something we can get help from through group work or even through Therapy.

The Dark Night of the Soul first came into consciousness in the 16th century when a catholic mystic Saint John of the Cross wrote a Poem  “La noche oscura del alma (The Dark Night of the Soul).”

If a man wishes to be sure of the road he’s traveling on, then he must close his eyes and travel in the dark.-Saint John

I started travelling this road during my teen son’s, late teen years! Timing, age and of course the pressures of parenting might have helped removed my ability to keep up the energy to continue thinking myself ‘well’, ‘on track’, or ‘sorted’.  I feel deeply into the well of darkness when they left to go study at University. It happened all at once. The empty nest, has both provided me the necessary extra push and possibly also the ‘space’ to come to terms with my Dark Night.

It felt like I was losing touch with my own identity-my sense of self. I felt dull. Uninspired. I lost my desires. I thought I didn’t need anything anymore. I started to believe there really might not be any point for me on this earth. Why even exist? There was nothing solid to hold onto. Not even my most precious relationships. With my kids. My work seemed meaningless. Unfulfilling, something more of a hamster wheel than ‘The great Mystery of Existence’. It was definitely an existential crisis. Who am I if not MOTHER? What point in even eating? Where could I start to nourish my soul again?

And I live in PARADISE! Seriously, what was wrong with me?

The soul is wearied and fatigued by its desires… the (desires) disturb it, allowing it not to rest in any place or in any thing soever.… the desires and indulgence in them all cause it greater emptiness and hunger.Saint John

It seems in our human developmental journey, sometimes everything needs to be stripped away, even desires for a time. In order for us to re-examine what it is that truly brings joy.

It is only then, that truth can come back in the door, that true friends might gather and that healing can finally occur. Once all your defences have been broken down by the Dark Night, there is only one way out.


I know that in our hyper-connected world we can feel even less connected than ever and get pretty lonely. It scary and confusing. Wisdom is delivered in snack sized pieces, Instagram and Facebook bring us the appearance of connection without the real sense of give and take that true connection requires.


  • Are you feeling numb, overwhelmed or indecisive?

  • Do you feel like you are on autopilot just doing the necessary activities but without really being there, without choice maybe ignoring your own needs?

  • Have you been stuffing your discontent down with food, alcohol or TV?

  • Are you repeating habits which just feel tired and way overtime for a complete overhaul?

  • Are you not expressing who you really and fully are in this world?

  • Do you feel like you might be missing out on ‘Life’?

  • Are you restless, do you sense something is wrong…that you might just get up and run away if you could?

  • Are you dissatisfied and taking it out on those around you?


As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. –Marianne Williamson


“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way,
ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
-Deepak Chopra


This membership allows you to spend quality time, month by month,
seeking highest answers to questions about your future self and your authentic spiritual expression.